Luna EMG

02 May 2024
Photo of Royal Rehab Ryde LifeWorks Advanced Technology Centre clinicians & EGZOTech representative with Luna EMG

Thanks to our oldest and most generous of donors, the Ducati Owners Club of NSW, Royal Rehab Ryde was able to purchase a Luna EMG. For the second consecutive year, this devoted and hard-working club, managed to raise and donate $100,000 to Royal Rehab Ryde!

This cutting-edge device uses electromyography (EMG) to measure muscle electrical activity so is a game-changer in muscle activity analysis, offering clinicians unprecedented accuracy and insights. The Luna EMG represents the pinnacle of technology, providing clinicians with a comprehensive solution for precise measurements of clients' muscle function and performance.

The list of significant benefits are:

  • Cutting-edge innovation: the Luna EMG is the first of its kind in Australia so fills a gap in our nation's rehabilitation technology market.
  • Expanded opportunities: The technology benefits clients with very weak muscles or sensory/neglect impairments so there is strong demand across multiple services at Royal Rehab Ryde for this device.
  • Enhanced understanding: Clinicians now have a deeper insights into clients' clinical presentations which provides better targeted interventions and improved submissions to their funding bodies.
  • Data-driven care: Quantitative outcome measures and real-time biofeedback are improving our client care.
  • Ease of use: Quick and easy setup for clinicians.
  • Complementary technology: The Luna EMG can be used alongside conventional therapy or other advanced technological  devices in a single session, including sit-to-stand exercises, training/muscle activation/strengthening, hip extension training and gait re-education.

Thank you VERY much DOCNSW!