Corporate partnerships

A world without limits

Royal Rehab is always pleased to partner with corporate groups and businesses, who align with our values and are keen to work with us towards our vision of creating a world without limits.

A partnership with Royal Rehab includes corporate volunteering opportunities, special event invitations and being the first to hear about our exciting new projects and programs.

We look for organisations that we can advocate for and who are proud to also champion our partnership.

For more information please do get in touch.

Corporate volunteering opportunities

Growing teams & gardens

Enjoy the rare chance to get out of the confines of the office, absorb some healthy Vitamin D, learn new skills, get active and hang out with your team on these garden projects. 

Royal Rehab has 35 homes in the greater Sydney area providng supported accommodation for people with disability. It's not always possible for the residents of these homes to maintain their gardens however they still receive immense pleasure from them.  

We are offering the opportunity for a company to choose a home which their staff can visit to maintain the garden and build relationships with their colleagues and our residents. This will be rewarding for your staff to witness the progress and outcome achieved in their sponsored garden.

Contact us to find out more and so we can tailor a location and time to best suit your needs.  

Packing fun into your team

With nearly 100 residents requiring support with their daily living, we are always looking at ways we can give them a treat whilst providing them with high quality care.

If your company can either provide and/or pack body care products, then please contact us. We can arrange a space and catering for your team whilst they enjoy time together packing these cute and useful gifts for our residents.  

Based on past experience, these gifts are always greatly appreciated by our residents.