The White
Knight Fund

The White Knight Foundation was established in 2013 because of a vicious and innocent attack on Liam Knight. Liam was the unfortunate victim of a gate-crashed party where a 2.8m long steel pole was thrown, hitting him and piercing him through his skull. Against the odds, Liam survived, but he continues to endure months and years of rehabilitation.

There are many others throughout NSW and Australia that are innocently attacked and require significant amounts of rehabilitation.

Through generous financial contributions The White Knight Foundation supports the challenges that normal Australian families face as a result of this unprovoked violence. Due to a partnership in 2021, Royal Rehab now administers the granting process for the White Knight Funds. 

What the White Knight Fund as a part of the Royal Rehab Foundation will support:

  • People who have been a victim of crime and need further support
  • Families who are supporting a victim of crime
  • Rehabilitation support for victims of crime

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