Help us bring Christmas home

By making a thoughtful donation to the Royal Rehab Foundation you can help make someone’s Christmas extra special.

Each donation will go towards providing much needed love and support to our clients right across Australia.

$7,971 raised

$15,300 Goal

$7,971 raised

$15,300 Goal

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Bring Christmas home

At Royal Rehab, we support hundreds of people every year to achieve their everyday independent living goals. We do this through our supported independent living homes and Community Hubs right across Australia. 

For many of our clients, Christmas is an exciting time of year. However, despite the excitement and anticipation, many of our clients do not have access to friends or family to spend time with, share gifts or enjoy a simple Christmas dinner.

With housing instability and the cost-of-living on the rise, times are tough for many people living in Australia. Close to 30% of people with disability live in poverty so many are forced to go without during the holiday period. By donating to our 2023 Christmas Appeal, you’ll be making someone’s Christmas that little bit more special. At Royal Rehab, we want to make sure that those who are most vulnerable in our communities know that they are safe and cared for, especially at this time of year.

This year our goal is to raise $15,300 so we can give:

  • a $50 gift voucher to each of our 103 Home and Living clients.
  • $50 towards a fun Christmas/end of year outing to each of our 103 Home and Living clients.
  • $5,000 towards Christmas/end of year parties for our 23 Breakthru Disability Community Service Centres.
Through donations from people like you, we will be  able to bring Christmas home to those that wouldn't otherwise have the means to celebrate.
Photo of front of Christmas card with frog on its cover against a white timber background

A thank you gift from us to you

As a thank you to all our wonderful supporters, each donor will receive a hand-drawn digital Christmas card for you to share with your friends and family this year.

This years Christmas card features the green tree frog, an often-recurring guest for many Australians during the December holiday season. 

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Your thoughtful donation will go towards a gift voucher for one of our 103 Home and Living clients!
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Your generous donation will fund a gift voucher together with a fun outing for one of our 103 Home and Living clients!
Your significant gift will fund one of our 23 Breakthru Disability Community Service Centre Christmas/end of year parties!

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